Vision Blue

GNCO is a family owned, fiscally responsible organization with a diverse portfolio of companies. GNCO companies expect to be best in each distribution class. Our employees will be customer focused, team oriented, and passionate in our pursuit of excellence. Our companies will operate in an entrepreneurial fashion to consistently deliver high value products and services. In all matters, we will communicate fully and act with the highest integrity, making us valued partners and employers of choice.

Mission Yellow

GNCO companies will fulfill our vision by consistently providing timely, dependable, empathetic solutions to meet our customers' needs. We will act with urgency and commitment to proactively deliver safe, high quality products and services. At all times, our employees will communicate with integrity and fairness to all involved. Our committed relationships with industry leading partner suppliers will be mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.

Values Red

Attitude - Positive, can do spirit. Customer focused. Being accountable for our actions. Committed to support the stakeholders.
Self Development - Intellectual curiosity for continuous self improvement professionally and personally. Accept all training available inside and outside the organization.
Teamwork - Acting selflessly and being accountable; willing to sacrifice individual recognition in order to achieve a greater overall outcome.
Moral Leadership - Having respect, trust, and integrity for all coworkers, customers, and suppliers; maintaining high moral standards.
Engagement - Shared sense of purpose; belief in the GNCO Vision and Mission.
Community Service - Support and participate in activities and initiatives that help others.